Creatively depleted

So with just five days left of this academic year my creative juices have completely been depleted. Between the draft, pictures, videos and the Wits fees protest I have very little left to give.

In the next week I have to finish all my in depth work, attend a data journalism course, pack my stuff in preparation for my move to Pretoria and stay alive.This is not how I though this month would go, but what doesn’t kill you right.

the first cut of my video was rejected so I had to shoot again. I got better footage this time but will have to change my story board. I also keep forgetting to make people sign consent forms so I now have to email them to all my participants.

I am trying to get as much of the admin type of things out of the way during the data journalism course. Today i did my captions and drafted my reflective essay. Everyone here has other work to do too so the facilitator is very understanding.



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