when a plan comes together.

I finally got the go ahead for my video. we are shooting on Saturday at the Fordsburg store.  I am so glad. Our lab/newsroom has only 12 computers with edition software. I really did not want to be one of those people that have to put pressure on others to finish their work because my video was shot late.

I’v been working on my feature all day. I think the main issue with my first attempt is was that I lacked direction. I did not know what my story was and thus could not tell it well. I also thought I could whip up a 800 story in a couple of hours. that was a complete fail.

I reviewed my initial pitches and the comments made on them. Once I figured out what got me interested in the first place, what I wanted to speak to and what my mentor wanted to see it was easier to use the information I had accordingly. Good old fashion story mapping saved the day.

With feedback happening face to face this time I really hope there is significant improvement.

I really hate the pressure and anxious this such work gives me. It is so easy to get swallowed by it. I have avoided the labs for the last few days because I fear collective panic.

The close we all get to or various dead lines the crazier we seem to get.  I keep telling myself that its possible, those that came before me walked this path and made it. But ts tough shem…Its tough


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