Weekend Wrap up


I got some version of first draft in on time. After about million attempts at nothing I finally  got something down. Also got my one on one time with the video mentor. He thinks I’ll have a good video but I’m nervous I’ll come back with some it and he will not be impressed.

After our meeting I work on my story board again he tweaked my pitch so I had to make the necessary changes . Ridwaan went MIA for a little while,he was not replying me emails. He is usually very good with communicating so I was a little nervous when he didn’t get back to me. Turns out he is in Botswana.

I tend to forget that people are not as invested in this as I am. If I cant confirm dates for the shoot in the next few days I have to come up with a plan B.


Finally got the chance to look at my feed back on my the first draft. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I have to rework a lot of it. I’m not even sure that have enough information to do that because she said I need more details in the story. But I have this week to do more interviews, in the mean time I think I’ll have to use some of my observations notes.

Ridwaan is still not back yet but I went to the shop any because the manager told most of the factory workers and artist come in on Saturdays. I met a couple of them but none wanted to confirm shooting days or time without Ridwaan. Which I guess is understanding but really inconvenient for me.

I had to help Dana with her video but she confirm it a little to late so I couldn’t go. I’m starting to worry about how we are going to peer review each other because we are all working with various people in the class but not necessarily our in–depth group mates.

Our second draft is due on Tuesday so let me get that done.




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