Chasing my first deadline

My first deadline is tomorrow and I might just be dead by then.

Being in the field in this heat is not ideal but I said I want to a journalist so here I am. I’m trying really hard to meet these deadlines because I’m hoping that if I do, I could really be done with my honours by the 31st.

I went to Pioneer Framers today to meet up with Mohamoud, he’s the Islamic artist that is part of my feature. After my interview with him yesterday he said he’d bring me some literature and notes on Islamic history, influences and interpretations.  I’m glad I went because his notes were more concise and relevant to what I’m doing. He also had a few art works to illustrate the differences in Islamic art from different regions so I got some good pictures.

I also  went to orient gallery  to discuss my proposal for the video and  finalize the charterers. we also had to agree on scenes that we can actually  accomplish by next week. After that I got  to finish my video pitch. Unfortunately we haven’t set the exact dates for shooting but they said they get back to soon about that.

Now if i can just finish my first draft on time.


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