Making sense of it all

Today was long, After my interview at pioneer framers I went to Ridwaan’s store. I intened to work but found myself going off on a tangent too often. The old man is great, he is a wealth of all kinds of information on Mayfair. I’m interested in history in general and I think he enjoys teaching/telling stories so we went off the mark often.Ridwaan was not in for long, they have just had a baby and she is often ill it seems.

I  spent most of the day doing research on how to write this thing. My story references were very ” x’s lived experience in such a world” which I thought is a nice way to do a 2000 feature but Ridwaan didn’t give me enough to work with the other day. I need another interview. But I want to have it informal this time, I’m hoping he’ll give more of himself that way.

At this point it feels like I have some of the middle but no solid/interesting beginning and certainly no end. I can’t see the story in my head, at least not clearly and that worries me.

Organizing was the first step, I’m hoping that now that my brain knows what puzzles it’s working with it will some how start building the picture. I really want  to start writing something workable tomorrow. I often have a few false starts before I get going and I cant afford that right now.

I should probably start adding pictures to these post….


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