When you finally see the bigger picture

I finally had my interview with Ridwaan 🙂 I  must say I was not convinced that I had a solid story on my hands. Working in a new space with people that do not know you is difficult, a lot more difficult than I thought. But it looks like I might be on to something here.

Thankfully, Ridwaan is a pro he seems very comfortable throughout the interview. But he did not go into detail about his family history. We mostly focused on the business history.I hope he will get more comfortable with time and I will gain access to more of his life.

He was running a little late but had made arrangements with the manager to show me around and introduce to the rest of their team. By the end of the day I also started feeling more comfortable moving around in the space and they too looked and behaved more comfortably in front of my camera.

I’m getting more excited about this. If I get this right I can give the family a great piece of work for their archives. It is the first time their store gets profiled in this way and Ridwaan seemed very proud to have someone care about their life’s work and contribution to the community.

It is these little things that remind me that I may be on the right path with this journalism thing.


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