We pitched for our multimedia today, the video element of our feature. After the video mentor briefed us on what  he wants and expects, I found myself thinking these people are crazy we only have two weeks to produce all this.But then I thought that I’ve feeling this way all year, so whats another few weeks.

I pitched an idea of showing how the Islamic made. The calligraphy of it, who does  it where they leaned and the conflict they experience with art dealers like Ridwaan (my main character) introducing new techniques and technology to make the process faster and easier thus no longer a specialized art form.

It went well. We have another one on one session with the multimedia mentor on Friday. I would like to have some sort of story board ready by then so that the time is used constructively. By next week want to start shooting.

I made arraignments with Ridwaan for us to discuss the video tomorrow. I have decided to give him/the store a basic document that lays out the idea of the video and the kind of visual I need. I I think he might be able to contribute positively being a designer and all.We’ll also only finalize the character tomorrow depending on who is available and what they are doing in the next week or so.

I also have my interview with the artist tomorrow he is a painter. Its taken days of hounding for him to finally get back to me. I think the store owner started feeling sorry for me so he put in a good word.

I want to convince Ridwaan to let me shadow him for a day and also spend a whole day at the store. I think this might give some good “colour” which can come in handy later. I also think it will us be at easy with each other which will help with the video. Besides I’ve leaned that something you cant learn from interviews.



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