Minor hiccup

Today did not go as planed. Ridwaan had a family emergency and couldn’t meet me. By the time he texted I was already on my way. I figured I can go ask the other store owners about how stores are regulated and such but most of them were closed.So my interview and gallery hopping were a fail.

That side of Mayfair is a little creepy. I am starting to get use to the looks (although I got less of them today) but I generally get nervous when a  place has mostly men. I’m not sure if I only noticed today because there were less people that side or there really was a lot of men.

The closer you get to the ‘train’ the more industrial Mayfair seems to get. I guess that’s why there are more men that side.

The sandton store is a little more polished than the Mayfair one.  It’s like Ridwaan owns it and his dad owns the Mayfair one. The store in Mayfair doubles as a studio and the sandton one has some unfinished pieces but it looked more like they are making adjustments to them. It was interesting to see that class also plays a roll in the Indian Islamic community

Next time I go, I’ll have to take Ridwaan with me. The staff seem very uncomfortable with me poking around and asking all sorts of questions about the family.


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