Boot camp week round up

Boot camp week.

After the in-depth project was introduced to us on Tuesday we had to some research on the area and what other have done with their in depth project. But I felt a very nervous about the whole thing so i spent most of the day reading thought the old projects.


We spent most of the doing a tour of the area. We started with Fetas and that very weird for me. It felt a like we are doing a township tour. Given how I feel about those I didn’t like it at all. Something about coming into peoples’ spaces and treating them like objects, that just feels off. But I guess for some, this is the only way to learn about different communities.

Things got better when we went to the somali community. I think having a guide that is part of the community helped. Because the community trusted him they were okay with us being there.

Amir, our guide was very welcoming and I found the entire community very hospitable. By the end of the day I was exhausted and stuffed but very grateful for the experience


Thursday was the first one on one meeting with our mentor. I was nervous she is new and new takes some time to get use to. We had to pitch our ideas for the first time. I think we had different ideas about what she expected from us and us from her.

She has a very different mentoring style and different  from what we’ve been doing over the last year.  I just hope that we find a way to ensure that I produce a good product.  I’m glad to be focusing on one thing. I’m tired and desperately need this to be over.Soon.

we pitched to our mentor and all my 3 ideas we a bust so I had to go back to the drawing board.

I went back to Mayfair and found a really cool art store/gallery. The kind of thing they were doing was really different. It’s owed by a father and son that do traditional and contemporary art. This got approved and I was amped


Class pitches happened today. I hear things got interesting after I left but I’m glad I missed the drama .

I couldn’t do any field work today. But I called the store and made an appointment for Sunday. It is apparently quitter then. So I spent some time preparing for that. With Scripture being and art in Islam, I wanted to know what kind verses get used in the art. Tomorrow I am going to checking out their sandton store. I’d like to see their clientele have there vs in Mayfair.


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