10 of the Best street food in Jozi

Like all things in life there are levels to being a foodie. Some attend secret eat  dinners and  others the weekend social. For those of us on the run or a budget there is street food,  and Joburg is home to some of the best.

1 Magwinya

Easily the cheapest breakfast in town, amagwinya are deep fried balls of dough. When done well you’ll get slightly crispy  golden brown exterior with a light fluffy center. You can have them plain or filled with your choice of either cheese, atchar, polony or liver spread.


One never knows where to buy  them but every winter like clock work a little old lady will pop up near a school or taxi rank selling amagwina,  usually at R2 a pop.

2 kasi kota









Whether you are in Soweto, Alex or Thembisa every kasi has a kota. Its like a dagwood only better because the chips are already in the sandwich. From only R10 a serving,there is a kota for everyone.

For those of you in CBD there is Kota Republic in Braamfontein.

3 Tried and trusted borie roll

Vuyo's gourmet boerie roll picture from crazy-beautiful.co.za

Vuyo’s gourmet boerie roll. Picture from crazy-beautiful.co.za

From the good old fashion braai borie to Vuyo’s gourmet broie roll.  Outside the club, at a match or even a concert if you are ever in doubt about what to eat on the streets, this is it.

4 Spiced pineapples

Spiced pineapple sticks Picture fromMexcotime.net

Spiced pineapple sticks Picture from Mexcotime.net

A lovely midday snack that wont break the bank. Spiced pineapples refreshing and surprisingly filling. You can find these at the spaza’shops in Fordburg from R5.

5 Jollof rice from Hillbrow

Thanks to our Nigerian and Ghanaian  counter parts in Hillbrow,  we can now also enjoy the wonder that is Jollof rice.

Chicken and vegetable Jollof nrice. Picture from bbcfood.com

Chicken and vegetable Jollof nrice. Picture from bbcgoodfood.com

Jollof is a delicious West African dish. Its orgigins can be traced back to the Wolof people of the Senegal and Gambia regions. It mainly consist of rice to  which tomatoes, peppers, onions, spice and a protein of choice has been added.

6 quick snacks

roasted mealies. picture from www.ejozi.co.za

braaied mealies. Picture from http://www.ejozi.co.za








Contrary to popular belief taxi ranks have a lot to offer. One of my favorites is the braaied mealies. Also available boiled this makes for a awesome meal on the go. Depending on which taxi rank you’re in mealies go fro R8-12.

7 Chisa Nyama

Sometimes that braai-ed meat craving hits you from nowhere.  When you are not in the mood to slave over a braai stand and your friends are nowhere near by, Your local Chisa Nyama is for times like this.



Chisa nyama is a nguni word that literally means to burn meat. It has always been used to referer to braai meat and the activities around that.

In 2013 Chisa Nyama the franchise opened its doors and it is thanks to them that we can satisfy our midweek braai meat craving.

8 Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream!!!!

We all know and love this guy.  The friendly Zoo lake ice cream man. There is nothing better to do on Saturday afternoon.

 9  Slap chips

Slap chips Picture by eatout.co.za

Slap chips Picture by eatout.co.za







Love them or hate them, Slap chips have always been there for you. On the day you were flat broke  but could eat a cow. That night at kitcheners when you over did it and had work or school the next day they were there.  When your boyfriend dumped you and you failed you exam. THEY WERE THERE.

Available every from only R5 slap chips will always be there for you in these Jozi street

10 Plate from the Bree taxi rank

The next best thing from your mother home cooked meal.(if you’re black)







Most inner city dwellers have terrible eating habits. The bree plate is well balanced meal that leave you feeling loved.

ma’Nthobi prides herself the freshness of her veggies. Even with nine other women cooks at the same rank she is unfazed because “my customers know my hand” once you taste her food you’ll never go anywhere else.




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