The trouble with the middles class

The man in the green blanket.

The man in the green blanket.

I recently watched the Marikana documentary:  Miners shot down. After that I wanted to move to Australia . I couldn’t believe this happened in 2012. Under “so called democracy.”

But after reading this I realized that these things don’t just happen. I mean who in their right mind has the guts to gun down so many people, knowing our history.

Once upon a time governments got toppled for such.

I spent a week of taking this in, the shooting down of miners and how it played out in the last two years. I have since acknowledged my part in this.  See being a middle class black, poor people problems don’t affect me till they affect my money or they trend on social media.

Judge all you want but take a look in the mirror when you’re done.

We only care about Nkandla ’cause Our honourable President and co. spent our hard earned tax payers’ money. Not because it is twisted for anyone to live in such a big estate when so many still sleep in shacks.  *side eye Camps Bay and Stellenbosch estates*

Same goes for E-tolls. We care because paying for the road to “the upper life” prolongs the journey. Not because you want them to rather spend the money on Hans Strydom ko Mamelodi which actually needs some “maintenance”.

Let’s be honest these are middle class problems. People who are actually poor use public transport (and I don’t mean the Gautrain). The rich, well they can afford all this and are more concerned with the rand/pound exchange rate.

The hypocrisy of all this is that  us “ordinary people” like to absolve ourselves from the real issues of the day. Our toilets flush, and our kids have the option of Waterkloof high.

As for service delivery well, you pay your black tax and “they” must just work harder so they too can join you in the middle class. Besides “you can’t do anything about it, our government is corrupt”.

True but so are you.

We are no different from our corrupt leaders, we bribe cops, ditch work cause we are “hanging” and buy our driving licenses. So why are we always so surprised when the big guys do it? If a cop will take your R50 to make the problem go away, trust SAPS will take Cyril’s millions.

We don’t vote or try to change laws because we are all waiting for our tern. See one day you’ll be a big shot and have the kind of money that buys tax payers’ money.



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